About New Skin Media

I’m Your Web Designer, you just don’t know it yet

If you place a huge amount of importance on reflecting your true self in your brand, I might be the ideal designer for you. If you believe that you should sell yourself to sell your images or find that your clients hire you for the experience rather than the price, that’s also a good sign we were meant to be.

Your website should be an extension of yourself and your brand. I can help you get there. My intimate knowledge of the industry is definitely an asset.

Who Am I and why should you care?

About Melissa Crain

I’m Melissa! I’m a web designer and a photographer.

My name is Melissa Geissinger (formerly Melissa Crain) and I have been designing websites professionally since 2004. I live in beautiful Sonoma County, California and am very recently married! I have a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Sonoma State University where I concentrated in Astronomy (the hardest thing I’ve ever done). I started New Skin Media in 2006 and started working exclusively with photographers in 2009. I have a strong background in web and UI design as well as hands-on front-end coding.

I have worked with the Sonoma County Office of Education to assist teachers with keeping their advanced curriculums up to date. In 2011, I co-founded Web & Interactive Media Professionals. WIMP is an organization built to help industry professionals learn and stay up to date on the latest technology standards as well as network with one another. WIMP has a strong following on both meetup.com as well as Facebook.

Photography is a huge passion of mine, not only for creative reasons but also as I see it a catalyst to life’s adventures. I have a couple awards under my belt for my work which is pretty cool! Photography is also a second profession of mine as well. Arken Studios, run by my parents, is my professional outlet for wedding photography. I love it.